23 August 2008

On this blog

Evening, Friday 22 August 2008

Well, I have uploaded this blog (though I will undoubtedly be adding older stuff as it goes along) and people have already looked it up. It feels good to get nice comments about my writing. Now I shall go down stairs to the TV room and watch the rest of tonight's Olympics. Jessy was down there earlier, and then little Lisa came down, both of them as bare as babies. Daddy just smirked and went up stairs to watch with Mother in her parlour. And after Lisa went to bed Jessy came back up to her room. At least I have on panties-- pink ones! --and a headband... so, according to the definition Jessy and I agreed upon, I'm not totally indecent :)


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Janine said...

I like this one! The parts about Lisa nd Jessy being 'bare as babies' and me wearing pink panties are cute.