23 August 2008

Sweet awakening

Saturday 23 August 2008

I slept... 'fitfully' last night... which is to say I awoke in the middle of the night with a certain urge. I tried thinking of other things, trying to imagine how silly I'd feel just doing myself, but of course that only made me more interested... so I finally pushed down the panties and did it. And it was pretty good, if I say so myself.

I don't always sleep on my back. When I awoke there was a soothing sensation of having my shoulders rubbed-- caressed, is more how it was, and a soft voice. 'Sweetie.... Come on, time to get up....'

I would have recognised that voice at any time. I half smiled, sighing as her fingers kneaded gently into my back.
'Wake up, sweetie....'

We started calling each other 'sweetie' when we were very young, really after we had seen 'Sense and Sensibility' and how those two sisters care for each other. Our stepmother, who was our nanny then, thought it was very old-fashioned and only encouraged it. The truly beautiful part is that even as we have got older we have not let go of the sweet childlike goodness that we have always known.

I lay, mostly on my tummy, my face turned sideways against the pillow, the sheets cast down past the bottom of my bottom. Jessy sat on the edge of the bed, her bare bottom pushed back against my hip, her body twisted round to reach my shoulders with both hands. 'Psst!' she whispered, low over my ear, not realising I'd already heard her. 'Are you awake yet?'

'Mm,' I sighed. That's about when I clearly realised where I was and who was rubbing my back.

'It's a beautiful day,' she said. 'Mother's going to make waffles... unless you want a quick swim first.'

That was enough to rouse me! 'Sure,' I said, rolling round and then sitting up, almost in her arms. She sat back and looked me in the eyes. 'This is fine,' I said. 'You waking up before me.'

'You had a long night,' she said.

I shrugged. 'One-thirty... till now. What is--?'

'Almost nine.'

'Almost nine! The pool won't even be warm!'

She smiled at me. 'Warm enough.'

We both giggled then. 'All right, let me just have a second.'

'Are you guys going swimming?'

We both looked over at the doorway, where stood little Lisa, hands at her sides, all bare but for her sandals, as though she were mimicking Jessy and me who will often wear only shoes like that. 'You're in on it too?' I teased.

She frowned. 'What? I thought we were going in the pool.'

I swung my legs all the way round Jessy and bounded out of the bed. 'And we are,' I told her, and leaned down to kiss her squarely on the top of the head.

As I went into my bathroom Jessy said to Lisa, 'Cute sandals.'

'Really? Yeah, I like them.' They both giggled.

I did a serious eighteen laps, which comes out to an eighth of a mile. Jessy swam along with Lisa, who did about three laps herself, and then Jessy left her lounging at the side in the shallow end and did my last six with me. I didn't see Mother had come out till I had stopped. She stood there, in her short shorts and cinched-up t-shirt, looking about our age, smiling to behold us all in our glory. 'Batter's up,' she said.

'Waffles?' little Lisa asked excitedly.

'Waffles,' Mother told her.

'Yessss!' And she clambered out of the pool. Jessy and I followed. For breakfast with Daddy and J.J., we wrapped in soft terry towels. Lisa didn't and sat upon her booster seat all bare. This is the influence we have had on our little sister!


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